Why do Lithium-ion Batteries Catch Fire? How to Avoid?

Why do Lithium-ion Batteries Catch Fire? Lithium-ion batteries pose fire risks due to overcharging, extreme temperatures, and manufacturing defects. To avoid fires, follow manufacturer guidelines, inspect batteries regularly, and consider alternative technologies. Store batteries in cool, dry places and opt for reputable brands. Proper handling and maintenance minimize risks associated with these powerful energy sources. […]

Mayor Eric Adams and FDNY Clash Over NYC Migrant Shelter Safety Measures

A heated conflict has erupted between Mayor Eric Adams and the FDNY in New York City, focusing on safety measures in migrant shelters. As tensions rise, this blog post will outline the key arguments from both sides, examine concerns raised by the FDNY, and propose potential solutions. Navigating through this clash, we aim to shed […]

Queens Street Honors Fallen FDNY EMS Captain Alison Russo

In a heartfelt tribute, the FDNY organized a ceremony to rename a street in Astoria, Queens, in memory of EMS Capt. Alison Russo, who tragically lost her life in the line of duty last year. A gathering of hundreds, including members of the FDNY, Russo’s family, and friends, gathered to pay homage to her remarkable […]

Mistaken Yule Log Video Prompts Manhattan Emergency Response

In a humorous mix-up, an emergency response was triggered at a Manhattan high-rise due to a Yule log video. A concerned man believed he saw flames from an apartment window down the street and promptly called 911. This call mobilized five fire trucks, prepared to battle what they assumed was a fire. However, upon arrival, […]

Bronx Building Evacuated Due to Carbon Monoxide Leak: 13 Hospitalized

In East Tremont, Bronx, a carbon monoxide leak in a building left two individuals in serious condition on a Wednesday morning, sources reported. The alarming carbon monoxide detector went off around 6:45 a.m. at the Twin Park South East building located at 800 East 180th St. in East Tremont, according to information from the FDNY. […]

Migrant Shelter Safety Concerns Raise Alarm in NYC

Startling concerns regarding fire safety violations at migrant shelters may lead to the closure of several facilities across New York City. These shelters, including a contentious center for asylum seekers on Staten Island and others in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens, are on the list. City Councilmember David Carr emphasized the importance of adhering to […]

FDNY: Lithium-Ion Batteries Risks and Safety Measures

In New York, a fire broke out in Brooklyn early Tuesday due to a lithium-ion battery, causing injuries to five people, as reported by fire officials. The fire started at around 4:45 a.m. in a seven-story building on Menahan Street near Central and Wilson avenues in Bushwick. Fire officials shared that they faced intense fire […]

Experience the Future of Energy Storage with Redway at Hong Kong 2023 Show!

Are you ready to witness a groundbreaking transformation in the energy storage landscape? Redway PowerAll invites you to witness the future of energy storage technology at the Globalsources Hong Kong Show 2023 from October 18-21. Discover our latest innovation, the cutting-edge 48V All-in-One Energy Storage System, representing a significant leap in energy efficiency, reliability, and […]