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Mistaken Yule Log Video Prompts Manhattan Emergency Response

In a humorous mix-up, an emergency response was triggered at a Manhattan high-rise due to a Yule log video.

A concerned man believed he saw flames from an apartment window down the street and promptly called 911. This call mobilized five fire trucks, prepared to battle what they assumed was a fire.

However, upon arrival, it became evident that the woman residing in the apartment had simply put on a Yule log video on her large TV to enjoy a cozy day indoors during the rain.

“I got my laptop, I made some tea, I put on some candles and the fireplace,” the woman explained.

In light of this unintentional confusion, the woman humorously stated her intention to invest in curtains to cover her windows.

Join us for the amusing tale of firefighters rushing to respond to what turned out to be a harmless Yule log video on TV, sparked by a neighbor’s good intentions. Tune in for the full laugh-out-loud story!

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