Queens Street Honors Fallen FDNY EMS Captain Alison Russo

In a heartfelt tribute, the FDNY organized a ceremony to rename a street in Astoria, Queens, in memory of EMS Capt. Alison Russo, who tragically lost her life in the line of duty last year.

A gathering of hundreds, including members of the FDNY, Russo’s family, and friends, gathered to pay homage to her remarkable service. The pain of her loss still lingers from the unexpected act of violence.

The ceremony commenced with a plaque dedication inside EMS Station 49, where Russo devoted her time. Following this, 42nd Street between 20th and 19th avenues was renamed “Alison Russo Way” in her honor.

Queens Street Honors Fallen FDNY EMS Captain Alison Russo

FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh shared heartfelt words about the legacy of Capt. Russo, emphasizing her dedication as a public servant, rescue paramedic, and a courageous woman who served during critical times such as the World Trade Center attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russo, aged 61, was on duty at Station 49 on Sept. 29, 2022, when the tragic incident occurred near her station’s headquarters. The alleged attacker, Peter Zisopoulos, 34, faces a murder charge, with the trial yet to commence.

Reflecting on her 25 years of outstanding service with the FDNY, Commissioner Kavanagh reminded everyone that Russo’s legacy is defined by her dedication and passion for emergency medical work.

Russo’s partner, Deputy Chief Gregg Brady, spoke about her immense heart and exceptional commitment to both her community and the city’s residents. He described her as a caring and thoughtful individual, dedicating her life to emergency medical service.

A touching mural was commissioned by the building owner near the site of her tragic passing, further honoring Russo and her immense impact on the community.

With the plaque and street renaming, Russo’s family hopes her life of service will be forever remembered and celebrated in the hearts of the community she served.

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