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Redway is your trusted OEM lithium batteries manufacturer from China. Looking for a business partner from whom you can buy OEM lithium batteries at wholesale price? We got you covered. Learn more about how we can work together. We have been diligently striving to unlock the mysteries of transforming LiFePO4 Batteries into a profitable venture.
Looking for a business partner from whom you can buy deep cycle lithium batteries at wholesale price? We got you covered. Learn more about how we can work together.
Redway Lithium ion Battery Factory has been diligently striving to unlock the mysteries of transforming deep cycle LiFePO4 Batteries into a profitable venture. Discover the inner workings of LiFePO4 Batteries, explore their advantages, various categories, extensive product line, exceptional craftsmanship, and a plethora of other fascinating details by simply clicking the button below!
What We Do?
Redway is dedicated to the domains of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 51.2V, 60V, 70V, 72V, 76V, 80V Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, Energy power, Network energy, Residential energy storage, and Portable energy storage Batteries. Their ultimate goal is to fulfill the diverse energy needs of customers by providing comprehensive energy service solutions. These solutions encompass a range of offerings, including lithium-ion battery energy storage products, smart hardware solutions, energy investment, and operational services, among others.
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We adhere to our clients custom battery requirements and lead the industry as premium battery manufacturer and supplier. Welcome OEM, ODM and SKD orders.
About Redway Battery
Redway Battery is a comprehensive and full-industrial-chain energy group that specializes in producing lithium-ion battery products and takes the lead in the industry of new and clean energy. Since our foundation, Redway Power has been dedicated to "bringing green power to the world" by providing outstanding energy services. Redway strives to be the most respected international clean energy group through innovations and our constant pursuit of excellence.
What we do?
Redway is dedicated to the domains of energy power, network energy, residential energy storage, and portable energy storage. Their ultimate goal is to fulfill the diverse energy needs of customers by providing comprehensive energy service solutions. These solutions encompass a range of offerings, including lithium-ion battery energy storage products, smart hardware solutions, energy investment, and operational services, among others.
Why Choose Us?
Redway has accumulated over 12 years of experience in the industry, offering a wide range of energy storage solutions, including deep cycle lithium-ion battery products, catering to various applications such as energy power, network energy, residential energy storage, and portable energy storage. This diversity allows customers to find tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.
The satisfaction and trust expressed by our customers through positive feedback and product reviews are true testaments to the outstanding quality of our offerings. We take pride in showcasing the voices of our clients as a genuine reflection of the excellence that defines our brand, rather than relying on self-promotion.
Why Choose Us?
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Certificates from Redway, Deep Cycle Battery Manufacturer

Redway Battery Cetifications

Redway Lithium batteries are UN 38.3 certified and built from Grade-A cells (CATL, EVE, etc).

In addition to UL1973 and UL2580 certifications, Redway Lithium also holds IEC62133 certifications for air, ground, marine, and train transportation regulations. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System have certified a select number of battery models to be used in industrial applications.

OEM clients can request IEC62133 certifications and additional laboratory services as needed.

Have a Special Requirement?

For your special requirements, we can customize our 12v - 72v lithium ion battery products and raw materials. We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on the battery body. Please provide us with the following information for an accurate quotation:


Please let us know the operating voltage requirements; and if any additional functions are needed, such as 10 second discharge and 10 second charge.


A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is not required. However, a maximum quantity will help you get a better price. The more quantity you order, the lower the price you can get.


Our engineers can provide you with more suggestions under your budget if you let us know your application or details about your project.

Redway is the world's leading manufacturer of 12V~72V deep cycle lithium ion batteries. We provide a wide variety of lithium ion batteries for your application needs. Redway has the right lithium ion battery for all applications, whether you need a 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery, a 24V 150Ah deep cycle lithium-ion battery, a 48V 100Ah Golf Carts lithium-ion battery or 72V 50Ah lithium-ion battery.

With the aid of our skilled battery specialists, you can effectively choose the optimal Redway lithium-ion battery design for your specific application, utilizing the most suitable manufacturing process available.
Redway has the best lithium battery solutions for any application! For more information, contact us today!
Redway specializes in designing, fabricating, and developing lithium-ion batteries for OEM applications. As your reliable lithium battery manufacturer, we can also fully support your branding business. You can customize the lithium ion battery with your own logo, design, size, and specifications with Redway.
What is a LiFePO4 battery?
A LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, also known as a lithium-ion phosphate battery, is a type of rechargeable battery that belongs to the lithium-ion family. It is renowned for its high energy density, long cycle life, and improved safety compared to other lithium-ion battery chemistries. LiFePO4 batteries use a cathode material made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and a carbon-based anode. The electrolyte, which allows the movement of lithium ions during charge and discharge, can be either a liquid or a solid polymer. (Read: What is Grade A LiFePO4 battery?)
What are the advantages of LiFePO4 batteries compared to other batteries?
LiFePO4 batteries offer several advantages over other battery chemistries. Firstly, they have a longer cycle life, lasting thousands of charge-discharge cycles, which translates to increased durability and cost-effectiveness. Secondly, LiFePO4 batteries are known for their enhanced safety, exhibiting higher thermal stability and lower risks of overheating or thermal runaway. Additionally, they have a higher tolerance for overcharging, reducing the chances of damage or failure. LiFePO4 batteries also feature fast charging capabilities and can be charged at higher currents without compromising their lifespan. Lastly, they perform well in a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for various applications and environments. (Read: Advantages and Disadvantages of Lifepo4 Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide)
Are Lithium Batteries Safe?
Lithium batteries from Redway are safe and reliable. We use Lithium Ion Phosphate as our signature chemistry because it consists of no heavy metals or rare earth elements (such as cobalt), is nontoxic, doesn't contain lead or acid, is noncorrosive, doesn't emit gasses, requires no watering or maintenance, and will not explode or catch fire, unlike other lithium batteries. Moreover, a battery management system (BMS) microchip protects Redway Lithium batteries from overheating, overcharging, and short circuiting, thereby extending their lifespan and enclosing them in a rugged, waterproof case (although enough water can conduct electricity between the terminals, so be careful not to submerge the battery underwater). For the best performance and reliability, we recommend using a LiFePO4 charger. (Read: Is Lithium Ion Battery Safer? and Lithium ternary batteries: are they safe?)
How do I get the longest battery life out of my LiFePO4 battery?
For longevity, it is important to top off LiFePO4 batteries after each use. Please do not fully discharge or overcharge them by leaving them connected to the charger after full charge. In the long run, the battery has a limited number of charge and discharge cycles, with one cycle being either the full charge and discharge cycle or a cumulative of both. (Read: How To Charge Redaway Power Lithium and Lifepo4 Batteries?)
How should I store my battery?
Before storing Redway Lithium batteries, they need to be kept in a cool, dry place, and fully charged. If Redway Lithium batteries are regularly recharged, they can be stored for an extended period of time. If you would like to learn more about storing Redway Lithium batteries, please refer to our article. (Read: Can you store LiFePO4 battery at 100%?)
How does a LiFePO4 battery work?
LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate) batteries operate based on the principles of electrochemistry. They consist of an anode (positive electrode) made of carbon, a cathode (negative electrode) composed of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), and an electrolyte that facilitates the movement of lithium ions. During charging, lithium ions are extracted from the cathode and stored in the carbon anode through a process called intercalation. This process reverses during discharge, where the stored lithium ions move back to the cathode, releasing electrical energy. The flow of electrons through an external circuit completes the electrical circuit and enables the battery to power devices. Recharging involves applying an external electrical current to drive lithium ions back to the cathode for future use. (Read: The voltage in an AAA battery – how does it work?)
Why does the battery stop working a few seconds after a high current draw?
If the load exceeds the continuous output current limit of the BMS, the pack will be shut down. It is important to make sure that the load does not exceed the BMS's continuous output current limit. Reset the battery by disconnecting the electrical load and troubleshooting your load and ensuring that the continuous current is not greater than the maximum continuous current. Please contact us if you require an additional current output for your battery. If your battery requires this, please contact us. (Click for more.)
Are the batteries waterproof?
A splash of water won't harm them, but they cannot be submerged completely. (Read: Are the LiFePO4 RV Batteries waterproof?)
Can you shut off or change the BMS board?
No, you cannot turn off the battery or change the BMS board. (Read: Can you shut off or change the BMS board?)
Will lithium batteries catch fire or blow up? I heard they are unsafe and a fire hazard.
It is possible for any battery to fail, sometimes catastrophically, or catch fire. Furthermore, lithium metal batteries are more volatile, do not recharge, and should not be confused with lithium-ion batteries. In their lithium-ion chemistry, Redway Lithium Batteries use lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), which have the highest thermal runaway temperature of all the different types of lithium batteries. It should also be noted that all lithium-ion batteries are subjected to UN testing before being shipped worldwide. Some lithium-ion chemistries are more volatile than others. (Read: Can lithium catch fire easily? and Can lithium batteries catch fire if not plugged in?)
Will the cost of Lithium batteries become cheaper?
Currently, lithium is about three to four times more expensive than lead-acid for the same capacity, but this will change as the supply of lithium increases around the world. (Read: Comparing Performance and Cost of LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells)
Can Redway Lithium batteries be fully discharged and then disposed of in the regular garbage?
When disposing of lithium batteries, it is vital to follow your applicable regulations. In many countries, it is forbidden to dispose of waste electronic equipment in standard waste containers. Keep only discharged batteries in a battery collection container. Cover battery connections with electrical tape or another approved covering to prevent short circuits. (Read: Can LiFePO4 RV Batteries be fully discharged and then disposed of in the regular garbage?)
Are LiFePO4 batteries environmentally friendly?
LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to other battery chemistries. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the materials used in LiFePO4 batteries, such as iron, phosphate, and carbon, are abundant and widely available. Secondly, LiFePO4 batteries do not contain toxic heavy metals like lead or cadmium, reducing the risk of environmental contamination during manufacturing, usage, or disposal. Additionally, LiFePO4 batteries have a longer lifespan, resulting in fewer battery replacements and reduced overall waste. Lastly, the recycling process for LiFePO4 batteries is relatively straightforward and efficient, allowing for the recovery of valuable materials and minimizing environmental impact. (Read: LiFePO4 Battery vs Lead-Acid Battery in Environmental Impact)
Can I use my lithium batteries in cold weather?
After the battery is warmed up, our 12V Lithium batteries can be charged.
Redway lithium batteries have built in cold weather protection - the battery cannot be charged if it is below -4℃ (24℉). There may be minor variations with tolerances on some parts. (Read: The Best Battery for Cold Weather Applications)

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