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The EU’s new battery regulation has taken a significant step forward. On June 14th, the

Toyota, this car manufacturer, sometimes really leaves people guessing about their intentions. Sometimes, it makes

The inconsistency between single cells often causes problems such as rapid capacity decay and short

Tesla has been drawing this pie for two years, and the details of 4680 are

“Solid-state batteries are expected to become the ultimate solution for the next generation of power

According to the different solid electrolytes used, solid-state batteries can be divided into three categories:

The battery industry has witnessed significant evolution over the past few decades, with the rise

In an era dominated by portable devices, the role of batteries is indispensable. Lithium and

Battery technology is fascinating, and with a myriad of options available, it’s vital to understand

In the realm of portable electronics, batteries stand as the backbone powering our devices. Amongst

Navigating the world of batteries can be a challenge, especially when faced with popular options

For homeowners and businesses seeking to bolster their energy resilience and reduce dependence on traditional

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