Mayor Eric Adams and FDNY Clash Over NYC Migrant Shelter Safety Measures

In recent reports, there’s a growing disagreement between Mayor Eric Adams and the FDNY concerning the issuance of vacate orders for several New York City migrant shelters. Sources suggest that the FDNY is eager to enforce these orders due to concerns about fire safety in these shelters, while the city administration is attempting to delay the process.

The tensions arose as FDNY inspectors intensified their checks on migrant shelters, fearing potential fire hazards that could endanger asylum seekers residing in these facilities. At least seven migrant shelters scattered across the five boroughs were flagged as needing vacate orders to ensure safety.

Mayor Eric Adams and FDNY Clash Over NYC Migrant Shelter Safety Measures

One prominently listed shelter is the St. John’s Villa Academy, a former Staten Island Catholic school. Despite local protests and legal battles, the FDNY is set to issue a vacate order for this location. City Council minority leader Joe Borelli emphasized that this action should have been taken earlier.

Borelli shared that over 200 migrant shelters were inspected for fire violations in August, with 18, including St. John’s Villa Academy, deemed unsuitable. He urged the FDNY to promptly issue the vacate order for this shelter in line with its standard protocols.

Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella stressed the importance of adhering to safety regulations, equating the situation to private property violations. He urged the city to prioritize safety and proper enforcement in shelters housing migrants.

Currently, around 100 migrants reside at St. John’s Villa despite legal injunctions. FDNY inspections are slated for multiple other shelters, including the former Richard H. Hungerford School in Staten Island and various locations in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.

City Hall maintained that they are working diligently to ensure fire safety measures are implemented at emergency sites. Meanwhile, the FDNY has yet to comment on the matter. The city continues its efforts to manage the escalating migrant crisis, actively seeking safe and suitable emergency sites for relocation.

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