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SK On and Dankook University Develop Groundbreaking Solid-State Battery Component to Revolutionize Energy Storage

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SK On, in partnership with Dankook University, has achieved a major breakthrough in battery technology with the development of a groundbreaking solid-state battery component. This innovative component, known as lithium-lanthanum-zirconium-oxygen (LLZO), boasts remarkable potential to significantly extend battery lifespans and reduce charging times.

The key to LLZO’s success lies in its unprecedented lithium-ion conductivity, which refers to the speed at which lithium ions can move within an electrolyte. By fine-tuning the microstructure of the LLZO electrolyte, the research team, led by Professor Park Hee-jung from Dankook University, managed to achieve a staggering 70% increase in lithium-ion conductivity while maintaining stability. This remarkable feat sets a new global benchmark and offers promising possibilities for the future of energy storage.

Oxide-based solid electrolytes like LLZO offer superior chemical stability compared to sulfide-based electrolytes. Although they have slightly lower ionic conductivity, oxide-based electrolytes are less reactive with anode materials and minimize the formation of lithium dendrites on the anode surfaces. This characteristic significantly reduces the risk of short circuits and potential fires, thereby enhancing the overall safety of solid-state batteries.

Beyond their extended lifespan and faster charging capabilities, these new solid-state electrolytes also have the potential to increase the operating voltage of batteries. While traditional lithium-ion batteries typically have an operating voltage limit of around 4.3 volts, LLZO has the potential to raise it to 5.5 volts. This voltage boost could result in a 25% increase in battery capacity, unlocking new possibilities for energy-intensive applications.

The impact of this groundbreaking electrolyte technology extends beyond all-solid-state batteries. It could also enhance the performance of next-generation batteries such as lithium-sulfur and lithium-air, enabling their transition into all-solid-state designs. This advancement holds tremendous promise for revolutionizing energy storage and accelerating the development of more efficient and sustainable battery technologies.

Dr. Choi Kyung-hwan, the lead researcher at SK Innovation’s next-generation battery center, hails this development as a significant leap forward. SK On plans to unveil prototypes of two types of all-solid-state batteries by 2026 and commence commercial production by 2028. Their pilot plant for next-generation batteries, located in Daejeon, is scheduled for completion next year, marking a crucial milestone in the progression of battery technology.

The introduction of this cutting-edge solid-state battery component represents a remarkable advancement that promises both enhanced power and reliability. The implications span across various industries, from portable devices to electric transportation, offering a glimpse into a future where energy storage becomes more efficient and sustainable.

– SK On: SK On Announces Development of Advanced Solid-State Battery Component

– Solid-state battery: A type of battery that employs solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte instead of the liquid or gel-like electrolyte used in traditional lithium-ion batteries.
– Lithium-ion conductivity: The measure of how quickly lithium ions can move through an electrolyte. Higher conductivity indicates faster charge and discharge rates.
– Electrolyte: A conductive material that facilitates the flow of ions between the positive and negative electrodes in a battery.
– Lithium dendrites: Needle-like structures that can form on the surface of the lithium metal anode during battery charging. They can lead to short circuits and pose safety risks.

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