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SK On Develops High-Conductivity Solid Electrolyte Material to Revolutionize Solid-State Batteries

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SK On Co., a leading global electric vehicle (EV) cell manufacturer, has unveiled a groundbreaking material to enhance the competitiveness of solid-state batteries, a revolutionary technology poised to transform the EV industry. Collaborating with researchers at Dankook University, SK On has successfully developed a novel solid electrolyte with the world’s highest lithium-ion conductivity. This significant breakthrough, recently published in the esteemed scientific journal Advanced Functional Materials, has resulted in patent applications being filed both domestically and internationally.


Solid-state batteries have gained immense attention due to their superior safety features and higher energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. SK On and Dankook’s research has led to an astonishing 70% enhancement in lithium-ion conductivity compared to existing materials, establishing it as the global leader. By fine-tuning the additives of lithium lanthanum zirconium oxide (LLZO), a lithium-stuffed garnet material, the team has improved the atmospheric stability of the solid electrolyte, a crucial factor for maintaining conductivity. This remarkable advancement significantly increases battery output and reduces charging time.

In addition to improving lithium-ion conductivity, SK On and Dankook’s technology also has the potential to boost battery capacity by up to 25%. The solid electrolyte can be employed not only in current solid-state batteries utilizing nickel-cobalt-manganese cathodes but also in upcoming models such as lithium-sulfur batteries and lithium-air cells.

SK On is actively working towards the production of solid-state battery prototypes by 2026, aiming for commercialization by 2028. To support this goal, the company is constructing a dedicated pilot plant in South Korea focused on next-generation batteries, with completion expected next year.

This groundbreaking development by SK On and Dankook University marks a significant step forward in the race to revolutionize energy storage for EVs. With the potential for enhanced safety, increased energy density, and reduced charging times, solid-state batteries hold the key to the next generation of electric vehicles. As the industry progresses, the successful commercialization of solid-state batteries will have far-reaching implications for the future of sustainable transportation and the global energy landscape.

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