SAIC and ChingTao Forge Joint Venture to Propel Solid-State Battery Production for Electric Vehicles

Chinese automaker SAIC is poised to establish a joint venture with its partner ChingTao, focusing on the production of cutting-edge solid-state batteries. With the aim of incorporating ChingTao’s solid-state batteries into at least 100,000 SAIC electric vehicles by 2025, the joint venture will have a registered capital of one billion yuan, with ChingTao holding 51% and SAIC holding 49%.

SAIC and ChingTao Forge Joint Venture to Propel Solid-State Battery Production for Electric Vehicles
SAIC and ChingTao Forge Joint Venture to Propel Solid State Battery Production for Electric Vehicles

The collaboration follows the successful establishment of a joint laboratory for solid-state batteries by the two companies last year. While specific details about the solid-state technology remain undisclosed, there are indications that the batteries may employ semi-solid or gel-like electrolytes, offering advantages in terms of energy density, albeit with slightly less advancement than batteries featuring solid electrolytes and metallic lithium anodes.

Promising results have already been achieved in tests of the first-generation cells developed by SAIC and ChingTao, boasting an impressive energy density of 368 Wh/kg at the system level. This enables a remarkable maximum range of 1,083 kilometers in test vehicles, according to Chinese standards.

ChingTao has already commenced the construction of a solid-state battery production facility in Kunshan, which will boast an annual capacity of 10 GWh, supplementing an existing production line with an annual capacity of 1 GWh.

Overall, the establishment of this joint venture between SAIC and ChingTao for solid-state battery production represents a significant stride towards driving the wider adoption of solid-state battery technology within the electric vehicle market.

SAIC Plans Joint Venture with ChingTao for Solid-State Battery Production – EnergyPortal.eu
– Definition of solid-state battery: A rechargeable battery that employs solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte, instead of traditional liquid or gel electrolytes.
– Definition of energy density: The amount of energy that can be stored in a given volume or mass.

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