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The Solar Battery Charger is a powerful and efficient solution for keeping your batteries charged, whether it’s for your car, RV, or other vehicles. With its 5W rating, this charger can quickly top off batteries in just a few hours of sunlight. I was impressed by its ability to charge my rarely driven convertible’s battery and even my pop-up camper’s batteries in one sunny afternoon.

To enhance its functionality, I made a few additions. Firstly, I installed a hinged, adjustable, and velcroed stand using materials I had lying around. While not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, it folds flat and works great. I believe including a stand like this with the charger would greatly enhance its convenience. Secondly, I replaced the short included wire with an old set of jumper cables, which added an additional 10-12 feet of reach. This allows me to charge my Miata’s battery while it sits in the garage, angled towards the sun.

The charger has proven to be reliable and effective. One user mentioned using it on a diesel truck with dual batteries that were both below 8V. After a few days of using the charger, the truck started right up. This demonstrates the charger’s ability to revive and maintain batteries in vehicles that are not frequently used. It’s an economical solution to avoid battery drainage, particularly for vehicles that are idle for extended periods.

The Solar Battery Charger is also easy to use, with clear instructions provided. However, there are a few areas that could be improved. The over-charged protection voltage is stated to be 14.5V in the manual, but the charger cuts off at 13V. Additionally, the current level is not as high as expected based on its 5W rating. Despite these minor drawbacks, the charger still effectively charges batteries.

Another user found the included suction cups to be worthless. However, this didn’t pose a problem for them. They used the charger to trickle charge their RV batteries, but they mentioned that the short cable limited their placement options. A longer cable would have been beneficial.

In conclusion, the Solar Battery Charger is a powerful and efficient device for keeping your batteries charged. It may require some additional accessories, such as a stand and longer cable, but once set up, it performs admirably. It is particularly useful for vehicles that are not frequently used or for maintaining battery health during long periods of inactivity.


1. Can the Solar Battery Charger revive completely drained batteries?
– Yes, the charger has shown the ability to revive batteries that are below 8V.

2. Does the charger come with a stand or do I need to purchase one separately?
– The charger does not come with a stand, but you can easily create one using materials you have lying around.

3. Is the included wire long enough to reach my battery?
– The included wire is quite short, but you can easily replace it with a longer cable, such as jumper cables, for added reach.

4. Can I use the Solar Battery Charger on a diesel truck with dual batteries?
– Yes, the charger has been successfully used on a diesel truck with dual batteries.

5. Can I use the Solar Battery Charger on my RV batteries?
– Yes, the charger is suitable for use on RV batteries, providing a convenient way to maintain their charge.

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