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Ampere Time Litime Lithium Battery Review: Exceptional Performance and Quality

Ampere Time Litime Lithium Battery Review: Exceptional Performance and Quality

I recently purchased the Ampere Time Lithium Battery and have been extremely impressed with its performance and quality. This battery has exceeded my expectations in terms of capacity, longevity, and charging capabilities.

The advertised capacity of the battery is accurate, and it offers even more power than expected. I have been using the 300AH battery for several months now, and it consistently delivers just over its rated capacity. Compared to lead acid batteries, the capacity of this lithium battery is a significant leap forward. Lead acid batteries cannot be safely discharged past 50% state of charge (SOC), but with the Ampere Time Lithium Battery, I can safely utilize up to 90% of its capacity without any issues.

Battery longevity is also exceptional with this lithium battery. Unlike lead acid batteries that need to be kept fully charged at all times to prevent sulfation, the Ampere Time Lithium Battery can be partially charged and discharged without any negative effects. In fact, it is recommended to partially charge and discharge these batteries to extend their lifespan. By cycling the battery between 75% and 25% SOC, the battery’s lifespan can be extended to two or three times its advertised rating. This means that the battery can be charged and discharged over 8000 times instead of the standard 4000 cycles. With proper care and maintenance, these batteries can last for 10-20 years.

Setting the ideal charging parameters for this battery is straightforward. By adjusting the boost voltage of the charger, you can achieve your desired SOC. For example, I have found that setting a boost voltage of 13.6V yields an 80% SOC, which is ideal for my usage. The charging parameters provided by the manufacturer are reliable and effective in maintaining the battery’s health.

One aspect that sets this battery apart is its ability to be charged in freezing temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, you can safely charge this battery near or even below freezing temperatures as long as you do not exceed the specified charging speed per AH capacity. For example, at -10°C, the charge rate should not exceed 120 amps/hr to 60% SOC, 96 amps/hr to 80% SOC, 72 amps/hr to 90% SOC, and 60 amps/hr to 100% SOC. To ensure additional safety, I have installed individual water tank heating pads under each battery, controlled by external thermostats. This setup has allowed me to charge the batteries in sub-zero temperatures without any issues.

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