Can I use battery without BMS?

It is not recommended to use a lithium-ion battery without a Battery Management System (BMS). Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to overcharging, over-discharging, and overcurrent conditions, and without a BMS to monitor and control the charging and discharging of the battery, there is a risk of damage, degradation, or even safety hazards such as fire or explosion.

A BMS helps to protect a lithium-ion battery by monitoring and controlling the voltage, current, and temperature of the battery during charging and discharging. It can also provide other features such as cell balancing, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection. Without a BMS, there is a risk that the battery could be damaged due to overcharging or over-discharging, or that it could become unstable or even dangerous due to imbalanced cell voltages or other issues.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a BMS with any lithium-ion battery, to help ensure safe and reliable operation. If you have a lithium-ion battery without a BMS, it is advisable to obtain a compatible BMS and install it before using the battery.

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