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Why Does USA Develop new energy vehicles at full speed?

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The US auto industry is making efforts to develop new energy vehicles despite facing a crisis. The government has provided support for this development, with President Obama announcing the purchase of energy-saving vehicles and launching a $2 billion project for battery research. The goal is to have one million-in hybrid vehicles by2015, reducing dependence on foreign oil. The development of new energy vehicles has become a consensus in the American auto industry. Additionally, California has announced regulations to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring cars to have windows that reflect or absorb thermal radiation.

I. Introduction

Despite facing a deep crisis, the US auto industry is determined to make breakthroughs in new energy vehicles. The development of these vehicles has received explicit support from the US government, leading to accelerated marketization.

II. Government Support for New Energy Vehicles

In April 2009, Barack Obama announced the federal government’s plan to purchase 17,600 energy-saving vehicles from major US automakers. This decision serves as a concrete manifestation of Obama’s encouragement for energy-efficient vehicles. Additionally, the US Department of Energy initiated a $2 billion government-funded project to research and develop battery packs for electric vehicles, aiming to have one million plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2015.

III Research and Development Efforts

To achieve the goal of providing high-performance lithium battery packs for plug-in hybrids, the National Laboratory established a research and development facility in Kentucky. This facility focuses on the production of battery packs and their components. Moreover, the government has invested $400 million in the construction of charging stations infrastructure to support the growth of new energy vehicles.

IV. Promotion of Plug-in Vehicles

US government is working on revitalizing the slumped auto industry by focusing on “smart grids” and plug-in hybrids. The integration of smart technology with plug-in hybrids aims to reverse the previous backward development of electric vehicles. By leading the development of new energy vehicles, the US aims to regain its advantage in the auto industry.

V. California’s Regulation on Thermal Radiation in Cars

California Air Resources Board announced a regulation in 2009 requires new cars sold in California since 2012 to have glass windows capable of reflecting or absorbing thermal radiation generated by sunlight This regulation aims to keep cars cool, improve fuel efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the need air conditioning, the plan can up to 700,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by 2020.

VI. Conclusion

The development of new energy vehicles has become a new consensus in the American auto industry. With government support, research and development efforts, and a focus on plug-in hybrids, the US aims to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and promote the utilization of renewable energy sources. The push towards new energy vehicles reflects the US’s commitment to addressing environmental concerns and maintaining competitiveness in the global auto industry.

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