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What and How to Upgrade Your RV’s Electrical System to Lithium Batteries

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Redway Lithium batteries present a seamless replacement for AGM, SLA, or traditional lead acid batteries. The popular group 27 size 100Ah battery found in RVs can be effortlessly swapped with a Redway Power Lithium 100Ah battery, offering superior performance while maintaining the same size and dimensions. (Check: Buy LiFePO4 RV Batteries at B2B Prices from China Manufacturer)

1. What is a “Drop-in Replacement”?

Although referred to as a “drop-in replacement,” fully unlocking the potential of Redway Lithium batteries entails specific adjustments to your RV, van, or truck’s electrical system.

2. Optimizing Charging for Enhanced Performance

To harness the complete capabilities of Redway Lithium batteries, consider these charging modifications:

  • Lithium-Specific Charger: Use a charger specifically designed for lithium batteries or adjust your charging voltage to 14.4 volts (lithium setting on dual-purpose chargers). This voltage is optimal for lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Alternator Charging: When charging from your engine’s alternator, employ a Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18A Isolated DC-DC charger. This ensures lithium-specific charging and protects the alternator from excessive wear during lithium battery charging.
  • Solar Charging: If using solar panels to charge your batteries, adjust your solar controller setting to lithium or upgrade to a lithium-specific solar controller to maximize efficiency. Lithium Iron Phosphate technology optimizes solar energy utilization.

3. Key Considerations for a Smooth Transition

Remember these essential points during the transition to a lithium battery system:

  • All Redway Power Lithium 100Ah batteries come with a free lithium-specific charger. When charging your house batteries using shore power, simply use an extension cord with the included charger, requiring no additional changes.
  • Many modern battery chargers and solar controllers offer dual-purpose settings, featuring both lead acid and lithium settings. Take advantage of the lithium setting if available.

4. The Value of a Redway Lithium Upgrade

Shifting to Redway Power Lithium batteries offers unmatched benefits:

  • Double Usable Power: Redway Lithium LiFePO4 batteries provide double the usable power and runtime compared to lead acid batteries, allowing extended off-grid experiences.
  • Longevity: Lasting four times longer than lead acid or AGM batteries, Redway Lithium batteries offer enhanced peace of mind and greater lifetime value, supported by an industry-leading 11-year warranty.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing 60% less than deep cycle lead acid batteries, these lithium batteries enhance maneuverability, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and facilitate easy installation and servicing.
  • Versatility in All Seasons: Redway’s lithium iron phosphate operates efficiently even at negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 Celsius), enabling travel in all weather conditions.

5. Redway Lithium: A Sustainable Choice

  • Efficient Solar Energy: Optimized for solar energy, Redway Lithium batteries boast 50% more efficiency than lead acid batteries, making them an ideal choice for solar-powered systems.
  • Optimal Battery Usage: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) maintains a flat voltage curve, ensuring you can utilize the battery’s full capacity without voltage drops. In contrast, traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries often suffer voltage drops when nearing depletion.

6. Final Thoughts: Embrace the Upgrade

In conclusion, a transition to Redway Lithium batteries is a definitive enhancement, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and longevity for your RV, van, or truck. Embrace this upgrade to enjoy extended off-grid experiences and greater peace of mind with the best-in-class Redway Lithium technology.

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