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The Freezer Fix: Can You Really Revive Dead Batteries by Chilling Them?

You’ve probably heard it before: “Just toss your dead battery in the freezer!” This old trick has been passed around tech forums, whispered in hushed tones among gadget geeks, and even touted by some DIY enthusiasts. But does it actually work? Can putting cell phone batteries in the freezer, or trying to revive a dead laptop battery by freezing it in a plastic bag, bring them back to life? We’ll dive deep into the science and myths surrounding this curious practice.

The Myth of Freezing Batteries

Origins of the Freezer Fix

The idea of freezing batteries likely stems from the notion that cold temperatures can somehow “reset” or rejuvenate the chemical reactions within a battery. Decades ago, when batteries were mostly made of different materials, this might have had a sliver of truth. However, with the advent of modern lithium-ion batteries, things are a bit more complicated.

The Science of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, found in most of today’s electronics, are complex devices. They work through a delicate balance of chemical reactions. These reactions are sensitive to temperature, and while cold can slow them down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the battery will be restored to its former glory.

Does Putting Batteries in the Freezer Work?

Cell Phone Batteries

So, what happens when you put a cell phone battery in the freezer? Generally, freezing a lithium-ion battery can temporarily increase its performance by reducing its internal resistance. This can give you a short-lived boost, but it’s not a long-term fix. Moreover, condensation can form when the battery is removed from the freezer, leading to potential water damage.

Laptop Batteries

Reviving a dead laptop battery by putting it in a freezer in a plastic bag? It sounds tempting, especially if you’re desperate to avoid buying a new battery. While some anecdotal evidence suggests a slight improvement in performance, the risk of damaging your battery or laptop often outweighs the benefits. The extreme cold can cause parts to contract, potentially leading to cracks or leaks.

PSP and Other Gadgets

Can you put a PSP battery in the freezer? The same rules apply. While you might see a tiny bit of improvement, it’s not a sustainable solution. In the end, it’s better to invest in a new battery or seek professional repair services.

The Reality of Freezing Batteries

Temporary Solutions vs. Permanent Damage

While putting your phone battery in the freezer might seem like a quick fix, it’s important to recognize that this is, at best, a temporary solution. The risks of permanent damage to your battery far outweigh the minimal, short-term benefits.

What Happens When You Put Dead Batteries in the Freezer?

When you put dead batteries in the freezer, a few things can happen:

  • Temporary Boost: You might notice a short-lived increase in performance due to decreased internal resistance.
  • Condensation: Removing the battery from the freezer can cause moisture buildup, leading to potential short circuits or corrosion.
  • Cracking and Leaks: Extreme cold can cause the battery materials to contract, risking physical damage.

FAQs: Busting Myths and Confirming Facts

Does Putting Batteries in the Freezer Work?

In short, no. While there may be a temporary boost in performance, the potential for long-term damage makes this method unreliable.

Can You Put Batteries in the Freezer?

You can, but should you? Probably not. The risks of condensation, cracking, and other damage make this a less-than-ideal solution.

Why Put Batteries in the Freezer?

The myth persists because people are always looking for easy, cost-effective solutions to extend the life of their electronics. However, modern battery technology doesn’t support this old trick.

Does Putting Alkaline Batteries in the Freezer Work?

Alkaline batteries aren’t as sensitive to cold as lithium-ion batteries, but freezing them won’t significantly extend their life or improve performance.

What About Putting an iPhone in the Freezer to Drain the Battery?

This is a bad idea. Extreme cold can damage your phone’s internal components. If you need to drain your iPhone battery, use it normally or turn on power-hungry features.

Can Freezing Revive Lithium Batteries?

Freezing might temporarily improve performance, but it won’t bring a truly dead lithium battery back to life. The potential risks far outweigh any minor benefits.

I Put Batteries in the Freezer LOL: Was It Worth It?

Probably not. While it might be amusing to experiment, the long-term consequences usually mean you’ll end up buying a new battery sooner rather than later.

Alternatives to Freezing Your Batteries

Proper Battery Maintenance

Instead of relying on freezer fixes, consider these tips for extending your battery life:

  • Regular Charging: Avoid letting your battery drop to 0%. Regularly top it off to keep it healthy.
  • Optimal Temperatures: Keep your devices in environments that are not too hot or cold.
  • Avoid Overcharging: Unplug your devices once they reach 100% to prevent overcharging.

Professional Solutions

When in doubt, seek professional advice. Battery replacements or repairs from certified technicians can ensure your devices remain in top shape without the risks associated with DIY fixes.


In the grand scheme of things, putting cell phone batteries in the freezer, trying to revive dead laptop batteries by freezing them in a plastic bag, or experimenting with other gadgets isn’t a reliable solution. The risks far outweigh the temporary benefits, and modern battery technology simply doesn’t support this age-old trick. Instead, focus on proper battery maintenance and seek professional help when needed. Your devices (and your wallet) will thank you in the long run.

So, next time you’re tempted to toss a battery in the freezer, remember: it’s a cold solution to a warm problem that probably won’t end well. Stay savvy, and keep your gadgets cool the right way!

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