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Can I Put a PSP Battery in the Freezer?

If you’ve ever pondered whether you can put a PSP battery in the freezer or heard tales of batteries being revitalized by a cold spell, you’re not alone. This topic has piqued the curiosity of many, leading to a plethora of questions: Does putting batteries in the freezer work? What happens when you put dead batteries in the freezer? Can you charge a battery by putting it in the freezer? Let’s dive into the science, the myths, and the reality behind freezing batteries.

The Science Behind Freezing Batteries

Understanding Battery Chemistry

Batteries, whether in your PSP, iPhone, or TV remote, operate through chemical reactions. These reactions generate electricity, powering your devices. The idea behind freezing batteries hinges on the belief that cold temperatures can somehow “recharge” or “revitalize” these chemical processes.

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Common in smartphones and gaming devices like the PSP, these batteries are sensitive to temperature extremes.
  • Alkaline Batteries: Found in many household gadgets, alkaline batteries also respond to temperature changes but in different ways.

Effects of Cold Temperatures

Freezing batteries can indeed slow down their chemical reactions. In theory, this might temporarily preserve a battery’s remaining charge, but it doesn’t actually recharge a depleted battery. For instance:

  • Reduced Reaction Rates: Cold temperatures slow down the reactions inside the battery, which might reduce the rate at which they lose their charge.
  • Crystallization Risks: Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can cause the electrolyte inside lithium-ion batteries to crystallize, potentially damaging the battery permanently.

Myth-Busting: Does Putting Batteries in the Freezer Work?

Common Claims and Misconceptions

You might have heard various claims about the benefits of freezing batteries. Let’s break down some of these myths:

  • Recharging Dead Batteries: Freezing doesn’t recharge batteries. While it might slightly prolong the life of a nearly dead battery by slowing its discharge rate, it won’t revive a completely dead battery.
  • Improving Battery Life: There’s no conclusive evidence that freezing extends overall battery life. The risk of damage often outweighs any minimal benefits.
  • Draining iPhone Batteries: Some believe putting an iPhone in the freezer can drain its battery faster for a quick recharge cycle. This is not only ineffective but can also damage your phone.

Real-World Experiences

People’s experiences with freezing batteries vary widely:

  • Success Stories: Some users claim temporary boosts in battery life, particularly with alkaline batteries.
  • Failures and Damages: Many report no significant improvement or even damage to their devices, especially with lithium-ion batteries.

Practical Advice: When (and When Not) to Freeze Batteries

PSP and Smartphone Batteries

If you’re thinking, “Can I put a PSP battery in the freezer?” it’s best to avoid it. Here’s why:

  • Lithium-Ion Sensitivity: PSP batteries are lithium-ion, which are vulnerable to cold damage.
  • Risk of Crystallization: Freezing can lead to crystallization, permanently reducing battery capacity.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries might show a slight benefit from freezing in some cases, but it’s not a reliable method:

  • Temporary Boost: Any benefits are usually short-lived and marginal.
  • Potential Leakage: Freezing can cause alkaline batteries to leak, posing a risk to your devices.

Dead Batteries

Wondering what happens when you put dead batteries in the freezer?

  • No Revival: Freezing won’t bring dead batteries back to life. It might slow the discharge of remaining energy but won’t recharge them.
  • Environmental Impact: It’s better to recycle dead batteries properly rather than trying ineffective methods.


Can You Put Batteries in the Freezer?

Yes, you can, but whether you should is another matter. For most batteries, especially lithium-ion, it’s not recommended due to potential damage.

Why Put Batteries in the Freezer?

The primary reason people try this is to preserve battery life by slowing down the chemical reactions inside. However, the actual benefits are minimal and often not worth the risk.

Does Putting Batteries in the Freezer Work?

In most cases, no. Freezing batteries doesn’t recharge them and can cause damage, particularly with lithium-ion batteries like those in PSPs and smartphones.

Can You Charge a Battery by Putting It in the Freezer?

No, freezing doesn’t charge batteries. It might preserve the existing charge for a short time but won’t restore a dead battery.

Does Putting Your Phone Battery in the Freezer Work?

Putting your phone battery in the freezer is not advisable. It can damage the battery and the phone itself due to the sensitive nature of lithium-ion batteries.


The allure of freezing batteries as a quick fix is understandable but largely unfounded. Whether you’re dealing with a PSP battery, an iPhone, or household alkaline batteries, the risks often outweigh the potential (and usually minimal) benefits. Instead of resorting to myths, focus on proper battery maintenance and storage. For dead or dying batteries, recycling and replacement remain the best options. So, next time you think, “I put batteries in the freezer, LOL,” remember the facts and keep those batteries out of the cold!

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