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PM-LV48100-3U-PRO LiFePO4 Battery Module Wholesale

PM-LV48100-3U-PRO LiFePO4 Battery Module Wholesale

Production Info

✅ Modular design with flexible configuration

✅ High energy density with long cycle life

✅ Expandable design up-to 16 units in parallel

✅ Wide Inverter Compatibility

✅ Cost effectiveness with less replacement

✅ Automotive grade battery cells with BMS protection integrated


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High-performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries like the PM-LV48100-3U-PRO are made to deliver dependable and effective power for both off-grid and hybrid installations. Because only the top 5 cell manufacturers in China produce A-Grade cells, the battery cells’ excellent quality and endurance are guaranteed. This battery has a nominal 48V voltage, a nominal 100Ah capacity, and a nominal 4.8kWh energy.The 40kg weight of the battery makes it simple to transport and install as single modules.

Key characteristics and benefits:
  • Modern, uniform design
  • Expandabledesign upto 16 units in parallel
  • High Reliability and Safety:
  • Compatible inverters include those made by Victron, SMA, Goodwe, SRNE, Solis, SAJ, Growatt, Luxpower, Voltronic, Deye, and more renowned manufacturers.
  • High-grade A-grade battery cells, recognized for their great performance
  • Economicalsolution with less replacements.
  • Backup Protection

Power storage wall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when the grid goes down.

  • Self-Powered Home

At night, the battery can provide your home with clean energy that you’ve generated from solar during the day.

  • Time-Based Control

If your utility offers Time-of-Use rates, you can use less expensive solar energy you’ve already generated to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.

  • Modern and Compact

With easy installation and a minimalist design, Power Storage Wall complements a variety of home styles. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

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Technical Data

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Items Specification
Model PM48100-3U-PRO
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Capacity 100Ah
Nominal Voltage 48V
Working Voltage 37.5~54.75V
Nominal Energy 4.8kWh
Net Weight 40kg (88.2 lbs)
Dimension [L*W*H]  440*420*134 mm
(17.32*16.53*5.28 inch)
Maximum Charge Current 100A (1C)
Maximum Discharge Current 100A (1C)
Charge Voltage 54.75V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 37.5V
Charging Temp. Range 0~55°C
Discharging Temp. Range -20~60°C
Series/Parallel Number 15S1P
Design Life 20 Years
Warranty 10 Years
Cycle Life (25°C@40% DOD) >8000 Cycles
Cycle Life (25°C@80% DOD) >4000 Cycles
IP Grade IP21 (higher grade optional)
Max. Parallel Connection Up to 16 Units
Communication CAN/RS485
Color Black
Alarms Overcharge/OverDischarge/Overcurrent/OverTemperature/ShortCircuit
Monitoring & Protection Built-in smart BMS
Pros Support off-grid and hybrid working mode, compact design, wall and floor type
Optional Functions LCD screen/Circuit breaker/Bluetooth
Compatible Inverters Victron/SMA/Goodwe/Solis/SAJ /Growatt/Luxpower/SRNE/Voltronic/Deye/etc.
Certification & Safety Standard CE/IEC 62619/UL 1642/RoHS/UN38.3/MSDS
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Is PM-LV48100-3U-PRO Rack battery safer to use?

Yes, the PM-LV48100-3U-PRO Rack battery is generally safer to use compared to lead-acid batteries. The PM-LV48100-3U lithium-ion battery has safety features to prevent leaks, spills, and sulfation issues. With their advanced technology, these batteries provide a secure and dependable power solution for various applications.

How to maintain PM-LV48100-3U-PRO modules?

To make PM-LV48100-3U-PRO modules last longer and work well, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for handling and use. Additionally, regular monitoring of the battery status and charge rate helps prevent self-discharge during periods of inactivity. By following these maintenance practices, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of PM-LV48100-3U modules.

How long does a PM-LV48100-3U-PRO lithium battery last?

The PM-LV48100-3U-PRO lithium battery can last for over 8000 cycles at 25°C. To achieve this longevity, you must discharge it at 0.5C and 80% depth of discharge (DOD). The battery can be charged and discharged over 8000 times without losing performance or capacity. This provides long-lasting power for various uses.

What are the advantages of PM-LV48100-3U-PRO?

The PM-LV48100-3U-PRO battery provides several advantages. It has a high cycle life of 6000 cycles at 25°C and 80% depth of discharge (DOD), reducing the total cost of ownership. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements and stable chemistry ensure a longer service life. Experience the benefits of the PM-LV48100-3U battery for various applications.

What quality standards apply to PM-LV48100-3U-PRO lithium battery module?

The PM-LV48100-3U-PRO lithium battery module has certifications like CE, IEC, ISO, UL, MSDS, UN38.3 for quality and safety. Customers worldwide trust the PM-LV48100-3U lithium battery module to meet regulations and deliver reliable performance. It is known for its high quality and reliability.

PM-LV48100-3U vs PM-LV48100-3U-PRO, what is the difference?

The PM-LV48100-3U and PM-LV48100-3U-PRO are same in size; however, the former has an LCD monitor and the latter includes quick plug technology.

What are the benefits of fast plug technology in lithium battery modules?

Faster and more efficient charging are just two advantages of using lithium battery modules with fast plug technology. Rapid charging is made possible by this technology, greatly cutting down on charge time. Lithium battery modules become more useful and efficient for a range of applications as a result of its improvement in overall performance.
  1. Improved Charging Efficiency: Lithium battery modules may be charged more efficiently thanks to fast plug technology. It maximizes the quantity of energy stored in the battery and minimizes energy losses by enabling more effective energy transfer during the charging process.
  2. Rapid Charging: The capacity to charge lithium battery modules considerably more quickly is one of the main advantages of fast plug technology. This technology is more useful for those who need quick charging solutions because it drastically cuts down on charging time.
  3. Improved Usability and Performance: Fast plug technology improves the general usability and performance of lithium battery modules by permitting quick charging. It eliminates the need for lengthy charge intervals and permits the use of lithium-ion battery-powered devices and equipment more frequently.
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