Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery Review: Reliable and High Capacity Power Solution

The Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery has proven to be a reliable and high-capacity power solution for my needs. From the efficient shipping and packaging to the exceptional customer service, this battery has exceeded my expectations. With its sturdy build, dual terminal studs, and overrated capacity, it offers excellent value for money.

Upon arrival, the battery was well-packaged and arrived without any damage. The seller kept me informed about the shipping progress, which was greatly appreciated. The battery came partially charged for safety during shipping, and I was able to fully charge it without any issues. The capacity of the battery surpassed its rated 240Ah capacity, providing me with extra power. This shows the consistency and quality of the Power Queen brand.

One aspect that stood out was the outstanding customer service provided by Power Queen. After receiving the battery, I received a phone call from the company to ensure the safe arrival and inquire about any issues. This unsolicited outreach left a positive impression, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, the company’s five-year warranty adds further peace of mind, as they clearly stand behind their product.

The battery itself is well-built, featuring a steel casing that ensures durability and protection. The dual terminal studs allow for load division over two separate leads, enhancing the battery’s functionality The terminals are equipped with pre-installed bolts and plastic snap-on covers, ensuring secure connections and protecting them during use or storage.

Power Queen provides comprehensive documentation for their Lifepo4 battery, including a quick start guide and an owner’s manual. The manual covers essential information such as installation, charging specifications, BMS details, and overall battery care. Notably, it includes the charge curve for the resting battery, enabling users to determine battery charge level accurately. Troubleshooting instructions and contact information for warranty service are also included, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to customer support.

Based on my positive experience with the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery, I highly recommend it for those seeking a reliable and high-capacity power solution. Its overrated capacity, sturdy build, and exceptional customer service make it a worthwhile investment.


1. Can I use the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery for my RV’s air conditioner?
Yes, the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery is suitable for powering RV air conditioners. It offers a high capacity and reliable performance, making it ideal for such applications.

2. How long does it take to fully charge the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery?
The charging time of the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery may vary depending on the charging method and equipment used. However, it is generally recommended to charge it using a compatible charger for approximately 8-10 hours.

3. Can I install the Power Queen Lifepo4 in my camper or RV?
Yes, the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery is suitable for installation in campers, RVs, and other similar vehicles. Its sturdy build and dual terminal studs allow for secure and efficient installation.

4. What is the warranty period for the Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery?
The Power Queen Lifepo4 Battery comes with a five-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during normal use.

5. Can I connect multiple Power Queen Lifepo4 Batteries in parallel?
Yes, it is possible to connect multiple Power Queen Lifepo4 Batteries in parallel to increase overall capacity. However, it is essential to ensure that all batteries in the parallel configuration are of the same model and capacity to ensure optimal performance.

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