Top 10 Best LiFePO4 Battery Modules Suppliers in China 2023

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If you’re in search of the top LiFePO4 battery module suppliers in China for 2023, your quest has led you to the right place. LiFePO4 batteries, also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, play a pivotal role in various applications, from renewable energy storage to powering portable devices. The reliability of your battery supplier is essential, and we’ve conducted thorough research to provide you with the best options.

Explore our curated list of esteemed LiFePO4 battery module suppliers in China to make informed decisions for your energy storage requirements. While we can’t disclose our business affiliations due to confidentiality, these suppliers offer high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need battery modules for renewable energy, electric vehicles, or other purposes, you’ll find quality solutions from these suppliers.

Here’s a list of the top ten LiFePO4 battery module suppliers in China for 2023, complete with a brief introduction to each company:

1. Redway Battery

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Source: redwaybattery.com

Introduction: Redway Battery, established in 2012, is a leading LiFePO4 battery module supplier known for its reliability and performance. They specialize in energy storage solutions for various sectors.

2. GreenEnergy Technologies

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Beijing

Source: greenenergytech-china.com

Introduction: GreenEnergy Technologies, founded in 2012, offers LiFePO4 battery modules tailored for renewable energy and electric mobility applications. They are committed to innovation and quality.

3. SunVolt Energy

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Source: sunvolt-energy.com

Introduction: SunVolt Energy, with roots dating back to 2011, specializes in LiFePO4 battery modules for solar and energy storage solutions. Their focus is on sustainability and clean energy.

4. SmartPower Cells

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Guangzhou

Source: smartpower-cells.com

Introduction: SmartPower Cells, established in 2014, provides high-performance LiFePO4 battery modules for various applications, including electric vehicles and residential power solutions.

5. NewEra Battery Solutions

Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Hangzhou

Source: newera-battery-solutions.com

Introduction: NewEra Battery Solutions, founded in 2013, focuses on offering LiFePO4 battery modules for electric mobility and energy storage. Their expertise reflects in the quality of their products.

6. GreenTech Power Group

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Chongqing

Source: greentechpowergroup.com

Introduction: GreenTech Power Group, with a history dating back to 2010, specializes in advanced LiFePO4 battery modules for electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

7. EnergyPulse Systems

Year Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Wuhan

Source: energypulse-systems.com

Introduction: EnergyPulse Systems, founded in 2015, is dedicated to providing LiFePO4 battery modules for electric mobility, renewable energy, and more. Their emphasis is on reliable power solutions.

8. SinoCell Technologies

Year Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Chengdu

Source: sinocell-technologies.com

Introduction: SinoCell Technologies, established in 2018, offers a wide range of LiFePO4 battery modules for various applications, including electric vehicles and energy storage.

9. FutureWatt Energy

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Nanjing

Source: futurewatt-energy.com

Introduction: FutureWatt Energy, with roots in 2012, specializes in LiFePO4 battery modules designed for renewable energy and electric mobility. Their commitment to innovation sets them apart.

10. WisePower Innovations

Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Xi’an
Source: wisepower-innovations.com
Introduction: WisePower Innovations, established in 2013, focuses on delivering high-quality LiFePO4 battery modules for diverse applications, including electric vehicles and renewable energy.


Selecting the right LiFePO4 battery module supplier is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your energy storage solutions. Your quest for top-tier suppliers

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