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Are Solar Panels Useless Without a Solar Battery? BLUETTI Reveals the Key to Powering Homes During Nighttime Power Outages

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LAS VEGAS, NV – BLUETTI, a leading provider of environmentally friendly energy storage solutions, has made the shocking news of introducing a critical component that homeowners with solar panels are missing. While solar panels provide free renewable energy during the day, they cannot provide power at night or in rainy weather. However, BLUETTI has a solution – solar cells. These batteries store excess solar energy for emergencies or peak periods, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted power.

When it comes to solar cells, there are many types on the market. Lead-acid batteries, while affordable, have a short lifespan and require regular maintenance. Nickel-cadmium batteries are known for their durability, but are expensive and contain toxic substances. Lithium-ion batteries, however, have emerged as the first choice for solar energy storage.

In the lithium-ion category, BLUETTI recommends LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries offer increased safety, stability and an impressive service life of up to 3,500 cycles. Ideal for solar system owners, LiFePO4 batteries are self-heating to ensure smooth operation even in freezing temperatures and offer wide compatibility with existing or new solar systems.

BLUETTI offers a range of LiFePO4 battery solutions tailored to different needs. For residential solar systems that require higher storage capacity, the EP900 & B500 and AC500 & B300S modular battery systems are perfect. These systems offer flexible capacities ranging from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh for the EP900 and 3,072Wh to 18,432Wh for the AC500. With high power outputs of up to 9,000W and 5,000W respectively, these batteries ensure uninterrupted power at all times.

For smaller balcony or RV solar systems, BLUETTI recommends the all-in-one AC200P or modular AC300 battery systems. These compact portable batteries provide 3,000W or 2,000W of power to various devices through multiple outlets.

BLUETTI’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and green energy solutions has helped them earn the trust of millions of customers around the world. Their environmentally friendly energy storage solutions are present in more than 100 countries, contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.


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