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5 Reasons to Switch To SLAR Series 48V Lithium for Golf Cart Batteries

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5 Reasons to Switch To SLAR Series 48V Lithium for Golf Cart Batteries. 48v 100ah lifepo4 battery

Welcome to Redway Battery! As pioneers in lithium battery technology, we bring forth the pinnacle of innovation with our SLAR Series 48V lithium batteries tailored explicitly for golf carts. In the realm of golf cart batteries, where reliability, efficiency, and longevity reign supreme, our SLAR Series stands as a testament to superior engineering and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Elevating Efficiency: Lithium vs. Lead-Acid

Lithium batteries emerge as the undisputed champions, transcending the limitations of traditional lead-acid counterparts. The superiority of lithium manifests in multifaceted advantages, revolutionizing the golf cart experience. The hallmark of lithium’s ascendancy lies in its innate efficiency, propelling golf carts with unparalleled vigor and finesse.

Lighter, Agile, and Prolonged Performance

Embark on a journey where weight is no longer a hindrance but a catalyst for enhanced maneuverability. Lithium batteries, renowned for their featherweight construction, redefine the landscape of golf cart dynamics. Bid farewell to the cumbersome burden of lead-acid batteries and embrace the liberating essence of lithium’s lightweight prowess.

The Resilience of Reliability

In the realm of battery longevity, lithium reigns supreme, boasting a lifespan that dwarfs its lead-acid counterparts. With a lifespan extending up to tenfold, lithium batteries obliterate the shackles of frequent replacements, offering sustained performance that withstands the test of time.

Safe from overheating

A heat sink is another unique feature of SLAR Series lithium golf cart batteries that is unlike any other on the market today. As an aluminum plate is set into the cover, it dissipates heat generated during operation, maximizing the life of internal components. Since a single SLAR battery can discharge 100 amps continuously, the heat sink is a critical design feature. If compared to lower grade lead-acid or lithium options, this high output translates into more “zip” in light electric vehicle applications and more torque in lifting applications. Almost all comparable lithium options only provide 50 amp continuous power or don’t mention one at all.

By placing the heat sink on top of the battery, all the electronic heat can be vented outside. In most cases, batteries have a heat sink built into them, which shuffles heat away from the electronics but still traps it, causing the internal temperature to increase during extended usage.

Lithium Batteries Are Safe from Overheating

More Power to GO

A golf cart with lithium batteries feels lighter, faster, and smoother when driving. Golf carts are speed limited, but the higher voltage of a lithium battery provides more power, resulting in faster acceleration. In most golf carts, you can place 4 to 6 batteries. In order to get 48 volts from your entire battery bank, you must connect lead-acid and other lithium batteries in series. If you wish to customize the amount of battery capacity to meet your desired mileage range, you can connect additional SLAR 48V batteries in parallel.

Lithium Batteries Have More Power to GO

Most golf cart owners will use 2-3 SLAR batteries in their golf carts to get the same range they used to get with lead-acid batteries. Two SLAR batteries will provide 60-amp hours and 24-34 miles per charge, three will provide 90 amp hours and 36-51 miles per charge, and four will go 48-70 miles per charge with 120 amp hours. Each SLAR 48V battery weighs about half as much as a lead-acid battery at 34 pounds. A combination of greater capacity and lighter weight will increase your range per charge. The six eight-volt batteries (48-volt system) can be replaced with two, three, or four 48V lithium batteries, depending on how you use your golf cart, and how hilly your golf course is. In other words, if you need more range, you can simply add one or two more lithium batteries to your system later if you find it necessary.

Smart technology

Lithium Batteries Have Smart technology inside

With the SLAR Series, Redway Power‘s lithium battery is just as smart as your smartphone thanks to its battery management system (BMS). These design features make it one of the most user-friendly batteries available. First, the SLAR battery features a sophisticated controller area network bus (CAN bus) that provides real-time information about voltage, current, charge status, and health. By making Redway Power’s fuel gauge battery meter a plug-and-play accessory, CANbus makes SLAR batteries more user-friendly to end users alike. Plug in the Fuel Gauge to the first SLAR battery in the string and the Fuel Gauge shows the summed charge of all connected batteries without any shunts or programming.

Additionally, the SLAR line comes with sleep and pulse recovery modes to conserve power. For a period of more than a day or two, if your SLAR battery detects no charge or discharge current, it will go to sleep mode. To check for current, the battery will be turned on for one minute every 10 minutes during pulse recovery mode.

Contact our team for more information on how to make the switch to SLAR, as well as how to calculate your energy needs.

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A Sanctuary from Heat: The Ingenious Heat Sink

Venture into the realm of innovation, where every component serves a purpose, and every design choice is a testament to ingenuity. At the heart of SLAR Series lithium batteries lies a revolutionary heat sink, an armor against the perils of overheating. Crafted with precision and imbued with sophistication, our heat sink dissipates thermal energy with surgical precision, safeguarding the integrity of internal components and ensuring uncompromised performance even in the harshest of conditions.

Empowering Performance: The Essence of Power

Step into the realm of boundless potential, where power knows no bounds and performance reaches new heights. With SLAR Series lithium batteries, every journey becomes an odyssey of exhilarating acceleration and unyielding power. Experience the thrill of unparalleled speed, as lithium’s higher voltage infuses your golf cart with an electrifying surge of energy.

Elevating Efficiency: Lithium vs. Lead-Acid

Embark on a voyage of exploration, where mileage is no longer a constraint but a canvas for customization. With SLAR Series lithium batteries, the boundaries of mileage dissolve into obscurity, as each battery seamlessly integrates into your system, offering a bespoke configuration tailored to your unique needs. Whether scaling mountains or traversing valleys, our lithium batteries ensure that every journey is an expedition of boundless discovery.

The Brilliance of Smart Technology: Redefining User Experience

Embrace the dawn of a new era, where intelligence intertwines with innovation to forge a bond of unparalleled synergy. With SLAR Series lithium batteries, intelligence becomes intuitive, courtesy of our advanced Battery Management System (BMS). Witness the convergence of simplicity and sophistication as our BMS empowers users with real-time insights and effortless control.

Unparalleled Insight, Effortless Control

Navigate the labyrinth of battery management with unparalleled ease, as our BMS furnishes you with real-time data on voltage, current, and charge status. Bid farewell to complexity and embrace simplicity, as our plug-and-play Fuel Gauge seamlessly integrates with our battery, offering instant access to vital information without the hassle of programming or calibration.

Power Conservation Redefined

Embark on a journey of efficiency, where every watt is precious, and every electron is cherished. With SLAR Series lithium batteries, power conservation transcends mere aspiration and becomes a tangible reality. Experience the epitome of efficiency as our batteries seamlessly transition into sleep and pulse recovery modes, ensuring optimal performance while preserving precious energy.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Innovation

In the realm of golf cart batteries, where performance is paramount and reliability is sacrosanct, SLAR Series 48V lithium batteries stand as a beacon of excellence. From efficiency to reliability, from power to intelligence, our batteries embody the pinnacle of innovation, redefining the very essence of performance. Join us in our quest for excellence and unlock the true potential of your golf cart with SLAR Series lithium batteries. Experience the future today, with Redway Battery.

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