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36V battery for golf cart, choose lead acid battery or lithium batteries?

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36-volt battery system is a common power source for many golf carts. Golf carts typically use a series of 6-volt batteries wired in series to achieve the total 36 volts required to power the cart. The 36-volt system provides sufficient power to propel the golf cart and operate its accessories.

Types of 36v battery for golf cart

Lithium Battery

The 36V lithium battery for golf carts is often made of LiFePO4 lithium batteries, as opposed to the more common NCM and LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

A lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of lithium-ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. Its chemical name, LiFePO4 battery, or the abbreviation LFP battery are both used to refer to this type of battery.

LiFePO4 offers many advantages over other Li-ion battery designs and older lead-acid (LA) batteries. They are lighter, require zero maintenance, have better charging and discharging characteristics, and last longer, making them one of the most valuable electric propulsion solutions in the golf cart segment.

Lead acid Battery:

The vast majority of rechargeable batteries are lead-acid batteries. They have been utilised for over a century in a broad range of applications, such as golf carts, recreational vehicles (RVs), energy storage, backup power, electric cars (including hybrids), communication systems, emergency lighting systems, and more.

Lead-acid batteries are used extensively because of their wide voltage range, variety of forms and sizes, inexpensive price, and relatively simple maintenance. Lead-acid batteries are the least expensive alternative for any application and offer comparatively reliable performance when compared to other secondary battery technologies.

But as technology advanced, many nations abandoned lead-acid batteries because of their high pollution levels and short cycle times. Instead, they turned to the development of lithium battery technology because LiFePO4 lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly and have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Lead acid battery vs Lithium batteries, which is better for 36V golf cart battery

To choose the best battery for your device, you must grasp the significant distinctions between lithium and Lead acid batteries. To help you understand how each one functions, we compare important factors including durability, general performance, and energy production.

The history of lead-acid batteries is extensive. Lead-acid batteries, which have been developed over hundreds of years, are less expensive initially but have a short lifespan and need frequent maintenance to be functional. Lithium batteries have mushroomed and taken up significant market share in recent years. Lithium batteries are more expensive initially, but they last longer, require less maintenance, and are more efficient.

The following benefits of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries

Environmentally responsible

Streamlined and small

Highly Dense Energy

Easily Maintained

Long Lifespan Low Rate of Self-Discharge

Lithium batteries are without a doubt the finest batteries for golf carts in terms of user experience.

How to install 36v battery for golf cart

A 36v battery for a golf cart may be installed in two different methods. Either one 36V LiFePO4 battery or three 12V LiFePO4 batteries can be used. Both approaches are acceptable, and each has unique advantages and installation needs.

Consider hiring a pro if you don’t feel confident connecting the batteries yourself.

Parallel Connection

A 36V battery may be connected rather easily, as seen in the photo below.

First, attach the positive (red) line of the motor to the positive (red) terminal of the 36V battery. Next, join the negative (black) terminal to the engine’s negative (black) lead. I’m done now. Your installation has been finished.

Series Connection

First, join the negative (black) terminal of the first battery to the positive (red) terminal of the second battery using the connector cable. Connect the second and third batteries next using the same procedure.You should now have three 12V batteries.Connect the motor’s positive (red) lead to the positive (red) terminal of the first battery. Next, join the third battery’s negative (black) terminal to the negative (black) motor lead.

Your 36V LiFePO4 Battery system ought to be operational if all three batteries have been connected correctly.

How Long Do 36V Golf Cart Batteries Last?

When someone asks me how long golf cart batteries last, we should obviously make a distinction between lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries because the two have quite different life spans that are based on their internal chemistry. I discuss the life expectancy of lithium and lead acid batteries separately below.

Life Span of Lead acid golf cart battery

The lifetime of a lead acid battery is 500 cycles at 80% DOD.In other words, if you charge and discharge your golf carts once per day, their batteries can last 500/365 = 1.36 years. And if you charge and discharge your golf cart’s battery once every two days, it can last 500/365*2=2.72 years.

Life Span of Lithium Ion golf cart battery

The lifespan of Redway Power deep cycle lithium batteries is greater than 6000 cycles at 80% DOD.This indicates that if you charge and discharge your golf cart’s battery just once per day, it will last 7000/365 or 16.43 years. And if you just charge and discharge your golf carts once every two days, their batteries can endure for 32.86 years (7000/365*2).


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