What is 3C Battery?

In recent times with the growing dependence upon portable electrical equipment and devices, the importance of batteries to power them is also increasing. The most common rechargeable batteries today are Lithium batteries. There are lot of terms that are used to define different type of Lithium batteries.

What is 3C Battery? Calculation of C rate of Batteries
What is 3C Battery Calculation of C rate of Batteries

C Rating

C rate is the unit use to measure rate of charge and discharge of battery. It is inverse of time in hours taken for battery to charge or discharge completely. The maximum current drawn from a battery depends upon its C rating.

Higher C rate means battery can be charged and discharge quickly where quick discharge relates to higher current drawn.

3C Battery

3C Lithium batteries have 3 times discharge rate compared to 1C batteries. It means it can provide 3 times more current then its rated capacity.

Suppose a battery has 2Ah current rating. For 1C it will be able to provide maximum discharge current of 2A. In comparison a 2A, 3C battery will have ability to provide 3 times more discharge current up to 6A.

Similarly, a 3C battery will charge faster as well. If time taken by 1C battery to charge completely is 1 hour then 3C battery will be able to charge in 20 minutes.

Calculation of C rate of Batteries

The formula for C rate calculation is given as:

Where Cr is the C rate.

I in A is the current of charge or discharge.

E in Ah is the rated energy of battery.

Similarly, formula for charge or discharge duration (t) is given as:

As we can see charge/discharge duration is reverse of C rate. So, for higher C rate, battery will charge or discharge more quickly providing more current for discharge.

Applications of 3C Battery

3C batteries are usually use for electric vehicles. Some of their applications include:

  • Electric Bicycle.
  • Electric Scooter.
  • Electric Drones.
  • RC Models.

Can 1C battery be used for 3C application

If a certain application required 3C cell then it requires 3 times more current than the rated capacity of that battery. If one was to use 1C cell of same rating, then it will be unable to supply sufficient current required for the application.

It would reduce the performance and destroy the life of battery as well. So, one should be careful while selecting battery and make sure to use battery of sufficient rating.

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