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Top 10 Best LiFePO4 battery suppliers in UK 2024

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Discover the top LiFePO4 battery suppliers in the UK for 2024. Our list includes EcoLiFe Battery UK, PowerCell UK, EnergyMasters, and more. Trusted for quality and innovation, these suppliers offer solutions for solar energy storage, marine, and residential needs. Choose the best supplier for reliable energy solutions.

We’ve carefully looked into the products, prices, features, pros, and cons to help you pick the best LiFePO4 battery supplier for your energy storage needs. Take a moment to explore our list of reputable LiFePO4 battery suppliers in the UK and make well-informed decisions for your energy storage needs. Whether you require batteries for solar power systems, electric vehicles, or other applications, these suppliers offer top-quality solutions to meet your specific requirements. Of course, due to business reasons, we cannot disclose to you who our partners are.

Here is a list of the top ten LiFePO4 battery suppliers in the UK for 2024, including a brief introduction to each company:

EcoLiFe Battery UK

Year Founded: 2008

Headquarters: London


Introduction: EcoLiFe Battery UK, established in 2008, is a leading LiFePO4 battery supplier, offering reliable and high-performance lithium batteries. They cater to a wide range of applications, from renewable energy to automotive and industrial needs.

PowerCell UK

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Birmingham


Introduction: PowerCell UK, founded in 2011, specializes in LiFePO4 batteries for various sectors, including solar energy storage, marine, and residential power solutions. They are known for their commitment to quality and innovation.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Manchester


Introduction: EnergyMasters, established in 2013, focuses on providing high-quality LiFePO4 batteries for applications such as off-grid power, marine, and electric vehicles. They are dedicated to sustainable energy solutions.

LithiumTech UK

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Bristol


Introduction: LithiumTech UK, primarily recognized for its lithium battery expertise, offers advanced LiFePO4 batteries tailored for a variety of uses, including solar energy storage and electric mobility.

PowerUp Batteries

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Glasgow


Introduction: PowerUp Batteries, established in 2012, is a trusted supplier of LiFePO4 batteries known for their reliability and exceptional performance. They cater to a diverse range of industries.

EcoPower Solutions

Year Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Edinburgh


Introduction: EcoPower Solutions, with roots dating back to 2009, specializes in energy storage solutions and LiFePO4 batteries for both residential and commercial customers. They emphasize innovation and sustainability.

BatteryGenius UK

Year Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Liverpool


Introduction: BatteryGenius UK, founded in 2015, offers a wide range of LiFePO4 batteries for various applications, including solar power systems and portable electronics. They are committed to delivering reliable power solutions.

SunLite Energy

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Nottingham


Introduction: SunLite Energy, established in 2014, focuses on providing LiFePO4 batteries and solar solutions, making them a valuable resource for those seeking sustainable energy options.

GreenCell Solutions

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Leeds


Introduction: GreenCell Solutions, with a history dating back to 2010, specializes in LiFePO4 batteries and green energy solutions for residential and commercial clients. Their experience reflects in the quality of their products.

EnergyWave UK

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Sheffield


Introduction: EnergyWave UK, established in 2011, offers advanced LiFePO4 batteries for various applications, emphasizing sustainable energy solutions and product reliability.


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