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Starter Batteries vs Deep Cycle Batteries, What are the Differences?

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The purpose of a starting battery, also known as a vehicle battery, is to deliver a significant amount of electricity for a brief period of time. During the starting procedure, the engine is turned over by this surge of electricity before the alternator takes over. The energy surge only empties the battery by 1% to 3% before the alternator tops it off. Your automobile battery may last the entire time it is used normally without ever losing more than 20% of its complete capacity.

When should a starting battery be used?

for starting a gasoline-powered vehicle, motorbike, or other engine. We advise a simple lead acid starter battery because this battery is solely needed to start the engine. Lead-acid starting batteries can’t compare to the capabilities of lithium batteries. Yet starting engines does not need those talents. The gasoline engine, not the battery, provides the majority of the power for the vehicle. In this situation, a lead acid battery is a suitable option.

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A deep cycle battery is what?
A deep cycle battery is made to deliver constant current over an extended length of time. A home battery, marine battery, or SLA battery are other names for deep cycle batteries. A deep cycle battery is made to be repeatedly thoroughly depleted and charged without having its lifespan shortened. Redway Power Lithium batteries have a 2000–5000 cycle life and may be discharged to 10% of their full capacity before needing to be recharged.

Deep cycle battery Equals reliable, long-lasting power

When is a deep cycle battery appropriate to use?

when you require long-term, uninterrupted electricity. Redway Power Lithium is a deep cycle organism. You will have twice as much useful power from a Redway Power Lithium battery on a single charge as you would with a sealed lead acid battery. Furthermore, it is 5 times more durable and weights half as much.

Moreover, Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) from Redway Power are the most effective battery chemistry for storing solar energy. A Redway Power Lithium battery allows 96% of solar energy to be utilised, compared to 76% for a sealed lead acid battery.

For a range of applications and devices that call for a protracted continuous charge, Redway Power Lithium specializes in producing large capacity deep cycle 12 Volt lithium batteries ranging from 10 amp-hours to 170 amp-hours and beyond. Redway Power Lithium does not produce motorcycle or automobile starting batteries.

Redway Power Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries for sale

What is a battery with two uses?

A battery that serves two purposes offers deep cycle performance in addition to cold cranking amps for starting motors. For instance, the Redway Power Lithium 12 volt, 135 amp hour battery boasts 135 amp hours of deep cycle capacity and 1,000 cold cranking amps of engine starting power. The battery may be utilized for any deep cycle application, including engine starting.

When should I use a battery with a dual purpose?

Any application where a deep cycle battery or a vehicle battery would be appropriate can be used with a dual purpose battery. Dual-purpose batteries have the benefit of being adaptable. If your starter battery fails, you may use it as a trolling motor on a boat and then jump start an engine. If you ever consider changing your electrical system in the future, dual purpose batteries are an excellent option because they are simple to adapt for various uses. A lot of amps are another benefit of dual-purpose batteries, which makes them perfect for high-power uses like driving a winch, running a trolling motor continuously on its highest setting, or running large machines.

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