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LiFePO4, or lithium iron phosphate, is growing in prominence due to its range of applications, including portable power stations. These batteries provide an abundance of advantages over standard lead-acid models. The primary advantage being their high energy density which enables a greater amount of energy storage in a confined area and easily mobile. Moreover, LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations have a far longer life cycle compared to lead-acid making them a sound investment in many commercial and outdoor sectors.
Portable Power Stations Leading manufacturer and factory in China
Redway Wholesale Portable Power Station OEM

Why choose Redway Battery?

Redway Battery, situated in China, stands as a prominent provider of energy storage systems. With two advanced production bases and a state-of-the-art R&D Center, our company is at the forefront of innovation. Since our inception in 2012, our unwavering commitment has been to establish a reputation for utmost reliability in the industry.
The positive feedback and product reviews we receive are testimonials from contented customers who appreciate and trust the exceptional quality of our offerings. Rather than self-promotion, we take pride in letting our clients' voices serve as a testament to the excellence that defines our brand.
Portable Power Stations Leading manufacturer and factory
Why choose Redway Battery?
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Certificates from Redway, Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Redway Certificates
Redway Lithium batteries are UN 38.3 certified and built from grade A cells.
UL1973 and UL2580 certifications and IEC62133 certifications ensure that Redway Lithium's batteries meet all US and international air, ground, marine, and train transport regulations. A select number of battery models has been certified for use in industrial applications by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
OEM clients can request IEC62133 certifications and additional laboratory services as needed.

Have a Special Requirement?

For your special requirements, we can customize our Portable Power Stations. We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on the battery body. Please provide us with the following information for an accurate quotation:


Please let us know the operating voltage requirements; and if any additional functions are needed, such as 10 second discharge and 10 second charge.


A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is not required. However, a maximum quantity will help you get a better price. The more quantity you order, the lower the price you can get.


Our engineers can provide you with more suggestions under your budget if you let us know your application or details about your project.

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Power Stations

Redway is the world's leading manufacturer of LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations. With their high energy density, Redway LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations are ideal for outdoor applications like camping. Additionally, LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations have a lower risk of thermal runaway, a condition where the battery overheats and can potentially catch fire, making them safer to use in certain applications.
Our team of battery experts can help you select the best LiFePO4 Portable Power Station design for your battery application by using the appropriate manufacturing process.
As a manufacturer of lithium batteries for OEM applications, Redway specializes in designing, fabricating, and developing LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations. Additionally, we can fully support your branding business as your reliable lithium battery manufacturer. Redway provides you with the option of customizing LiFePO4 Portable Power Stations with your own logo, design, size, and specifications.
Redway has the best lithium battery solutions for any application! For more information, contact us today!

Is It Worth It to Buy Lithium portable power stations?

Portable power stations are compact battery stations that are lightweight and easy to carry. They provide power without any cords or plugs. If you’re looking for something packable, lighter, and can be used frequently, then a Li-Ion battery power station is usually worth the investment. They are highly useful for outdoor activities such as camping, work on construction sites, or for being prepared during a power outage.

How do I charge a LiFePO4 portable power station Battery?

Redway LiFePO4 Forklift Batteries perform best when charged by a lithium compatible charger. Lead acid or SLA chargers, on-board chargers for AGM batteries, or other non-lithium chargers will charge a Redway Lithium battery but only to 70-80% of capacity. This is because Redway Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology charges and is full at a higher voltage then traditional batteries (Redway Lithium charges at 14.4 Volts). Chargers with a lithium battery setting or designed for lithium will charge at the appropriate voltage.

When Should You Charge Your portable power station Battery?

Power station should be well charged before leaving for any camping activity or if used in construction sites. Best practice is to charge the power station overnight but keep in mind the cell count and instructions to charge by Redway Battery.

Are LiFePO4 Portable power stations Safe?

Redway LiFePO4 Portable Power stations are 100% safe and dependable due to their signature chemistry of Lithium Iron Phosphate containing no heavy metals or rare earth elements such as cobalt, being nontoxic (no lead or acid), noncorrosive and not off-gassing. Additionally, these batteries won't explode or catch fire unlike other lithium batteries. The battery is guarded from overheating, overcharging and short circuiting by a Battery Management System microchip which prolongs the battery's lifespan. This chip is safely concealed within a rugged, waterproof case. It should be noted that moisture can conduct electricity between the terminals, so submerging the battery in water must be avoided. For optimal performance and dependability we recommend using a LiFePO4 charger.

How to get the longest battery life out of my LiFePO4 Portable Power station?

It is important to top off LiFePO4 batteries after each use to ensure longevity. Please do not fully discharge the battery nor overcharge it by leaving it connected to a charger well beyond the full charge cycle. In the long run, the battery has a limited number of charge and discharge cycles, with one cycle being either the complete charge and discharge cycle or a cumulative of both.

How should I store my LiFePO4 Power station?

Redway LiFePO4 portable power stations should be stored in a cool, dry place, and fully charged before they are stored. Redway Lithium batteries can be stored for an extended period of time if they are recharged on a regular basis. For more information, please see our article on storing Redway Lithium batteries.

How Long Does a portable power station Battery Last?

The length of time a battery charge lasts depends on the following: The type, the capacity, the number of hours it powers an application, and the charging method.

Why does the battery stop working a few seconds after a high current draw?

It is important to ensure that the load does not exceed the BMS's continuous output current limit. If the load exceeds the BMS's limits, the pack will be shut down. To reset, disconnect the electrical load and troubleshoot your load to ensure the continuous current is less than the maximum continuous current for your pack. If you need an additional current output for your battery, contact us if it requires it. Attach the charger back to it for a few seconds to reset the battery.

Are the LiFePO4 Portable power station Batteries waterproof?

Redway Battery products have IP rating mentioned on the brochure. Please check the IP rating section for this query. Generally, If Batteries are splashed with water, they will be fine. They cannot be completely submerged.

Can you shut off or change the BMS board?

No, you cannot turn off the battery or change the BMS board.

Can LiFePO4 Power station Batteries catch fire or blow up? I heard they are unsafe and a fire hazard.

The potential for battery failure should not be overlooked, and lithium metal batteries are especially volatile and cannot be recharged. Redway Lithium Batteries employ LiFePO4 cells, which have the highest thermal runaway temperature available in the market. This type of lithium-ion chemistry has seen considerable progress lately; however, all lithium batteries must go through rigorous UN tests prior to going overseas.

Will the cost of Lithium batteries become cheaper?

Lithium materials are about 3-4 times more expensive than lead-acid for the same capacity. This will change as worldwide supply increases.

Can Redway LiFePO4 Batteries be fully discharged and then disposed of in the regular garbage?

It is essential to check and follow your applicable regulations before disposing of LiFePO4 Power stations. Disposing of waste electronic equipment in standard waste receptacles is prohibited in many countries. Keep only discharged batteries in a battery collection container. To prevent short circuits, cover battery connections with electrical tape or another approved covering.

Where can I recycle my LiFePO4 Power station Batteries?

Consumers can find the nearest participating drop-off location by going online at or or calling 1-877-2-RECYCLE or 1-800-8-BATTERY.

Can I use my LiFePO4 Portable Power Station Batteries in cold weather?

Redway LiFePO4 Batteries have built in cold weather protection - the battery cannot be charged if it is below -4C or 24F. There may be minor variations with tolerances on some parts.
After the battery is warmed up, our LiFePO4 batteries can be charged.

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