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PM-51100 Rack LiFePO4 Battery Module Review

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Dive into the features and benefits of the PM-51100 Rack LiFePO4 Battery Module, a paragon of reliability and efficiency in the domain of energy storage solutions. This meticulously engineered battery module represents the forefront of longevity and performance in renewable energy technologies.

Introduction to the PM-51100 Battery Module

The PM-51100 is a testament to innovation, designed to exceed the demands of modern energy storage. Let’s explore its standout attributes and capabilities.

Technical Specifications and Key Features

Battery Composition and Configuration

The PM-51100 is constructed from 16 UL listed prismatic 3.2V cells in series, yielding a nominal voltage of 51.2V and a substantial capacity of 100Ah. This results in a significant energy capacity of 5120Wh, ensuring a dependable power supply for a variety of applications.

Longevity and Durability

Built to last, the PM-51100 offers remarkable longevity with a cycle life of up to 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD). This equates to a service life of over 15 years, presenting a cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial energy storage needs.

Efficiency and Performance

With a 99% operating efficiency, the PM-51100 minimizes energy loss during charge and discharge cycles. Its integrated Battery Management System (BMS) prioritizes safety and optimizes performance throughout the battery’s life.

Compatibility and Adaptability

The PM-51100’s versatility is evident in its compatibility with a broad spectrum of inverters from leading brands such as Victron, SMA, Goodwe, and others. This adaptability simplifies integration with existing solar power systems or off-grid configurations, enhancing flexibility and ease of installation.

Environmental Resilience

Crafted to withstand diverse climates, the PM-51100 operates effectively within a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C during discharge and 0°C to 55°C during charge. Its IP21 rating shields it from solid objects and water drips, ensuring consistent performance in tough conditions.

Application Scenarios and Benefits

Residential Applications

The PM-51100 is perfectly suited for residential energy storage, offering homeowners a reliable means to harness and store energy from solar panels. Its durable design and extended lifespan contribute to reduced maintenance and ensure a continuous power supply.

Commercial Applications

In commercial environments where dependability and efficiency are crucial, the PM-51100 distinguishes itself. From renewable energy initiatives to off-grid deployments, its high energy density and inverter compatibility make it an ideal choice for sustainable energy solutions.


Step into the future of energy storage with the PM-51100 Rack LiFePO4 Battery Module. Its exceptional cycle life, substantial energy capacity, and compatibility features set a new benchmark for reliability and performance. Upgrade your energy storage system to reap the long-term advantages of this advanced LiFePO4 technology. For more information or to discuss how the PM-51100 can meet your energy storage needs, contact us. Redway Battery is committed to providing you with the latest technology and expert guidance for your energy storage solutions.

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