China Top 10 Lithium Battery Module Manufacturers 2023

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In the dynamic landscape of energy solutions, China stands at the forefront, hosting a league of pioneering lithium battery module manufacturers. These industry leaders play a pivotal role in driving innovations for electric vehicles, energy storage, and sustainable power systems. Let’s explore the top 10 companies shaping the future of lithium battery technology in China.

China Top 10 Lithium Battery Module Manufacturers 2023

CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited)

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Ningde, Fujian, China

Source: catl.com

Introduction: CATL, established in 2011, is a global leader in lithium-ion batteries, specializing in electric vehicle and energy storage solutions.

BYD (Build Your Dreams)

Year Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Source: byd.com

Introduction: Founded in 1995, BYD is a prominent Chinese company known for manufacturing electric vehicles, batteries, and renewable energy solutions.

Redway Battery

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Source: redwaybattery.com

Introduction: Established in 2012, Redway is a key player in the lithium battery industry, specializing in research, development, and manufacturing for various applications.

Lishen Battery

Year Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Tianjin, China

Source: lishen.com.cn

Introduction: Lishen Battery, founded in 1997, is a major manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, contributing to industries such as electric vehicles and power tools.

Wanxiang Group

Year Founded: 1969

Headquarters: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Source: wanxiang.com

Introduction: Established in 1969, Wanxiang Group is a diversified company with a significant presence in lithium battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and energy storage.

TDK Corporation

Year Founded: 1935

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan (with a presence in China)

Source: tdk.com

Introduction: TDK Corporation, founded in 1935, is a multinational electronics company with involvement in the lithium battery market, offering a range of battery products.

Sinowatt Technology Co. Ltd

Year Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Source: sinowatt.com

Introduction: Sinowatt Technology, established in 2008, is a manufacturer specializing in lithium batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage, and other applications.

Guoxuan High-Tech

Year Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Hefei, Anhui, China

Source: guoxuan.com

Introduction: Guoxuan High-Tech, founded in 2006, is recognized for producing lithium batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

EVE Energy Co. Ltd

Year Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Source: evebattery.com

Introduction: EVE Energy, established in 2001, is engaged in the development and manufacturing of lithium batteries for energy storage, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics.

Farasis Energy

Year Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China

Source: farasis.com

Introduction: Farasis Energy, founded in 2002, is a global leader in lithium-ion battery technology, providing solutions for electric vehicles and energy storage.


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