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How does the power setting affect the run time of trolling motors?

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At Redway Battery, we understand the intricate dynamics of trolling motors and the impact of different power settings on their runtime and performance. Let’s explore the nuances and practical implications of adjusting power levels for your trolling motor.

Importance of Power Settings in Trolling Motors

Choosing the correct power setting is crucial as it directly influences both the efficiency and duration of your trolling motor’s operation. Factors such as water conditions, wind speed, and the type of fishing you’re engaged in all play pivotal roles in determining the ideal power level for your motor.

Optimal Power Levels for Different Scenarios

River Trolling vs. Lake Fishing

When trolling in rivers with strong currents, higher power settings are necessary to maintain effective maneuverability and speed. In contrast, fishing near calm lake inlets allows for lower power settings, conserving battery life without sacrificing performance.

Professional Angler Insights

According to insights from our expert pro team, operating at approximately 30% of maximum power is often optimal for most fishing applications. For instance, using a Dakota Lithium battery with adequate Amp-hour (Ah) capacity relative to your motor’s maximum amp draw ensures extended battery life, lasting a full day on the water in typical conditions.

Case Study: Garmin Force Trolling Motor

For a practical illustration, consider the Garmin Force Trolling Motor, which provides detailed amp draw data across different power settings. The following chart outlines the current consumption at various throttle positions for both 24V and 36V setups:

Practical Tips for Adjusting Power Settings

  1. Monitor Battery Levels: Regularly check your battery’s state of charge to avoid deep discharge, which can reduce its lifespan.
  2. Adjust for Conditions: Adapt power settings based on water currents, wind, and fishing techniques to maximize runtime.
  3. Use a Battery Monitor: A battery monitor can provide real-time data on your battery’s status, helping you make informed decisions about power usage.


Understanding the impact of power settings on trolling motor runtime is essential for optimizing your fishing trips. By considering water conditions, battery capacity, and motor efficiency, you can extend your motor’s runtime and enhance your overall fishing experience. At Redway Battery, we’re committed to providing you with the knowledge and battery solutions to make the most of your time on the water.

For more information on trolling motor batteries or to discuss your specific power needs, contact our expert team today. Equip yourself with the best battery technology for your trolling motor and enjoy a more productive and enjoyable fishing experience.

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