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LiFePO4 Battery OEM/ODM Manufacturer Expert, Redway Power

LiFePO4 Battery OEM/ODM Manufacturer Expert, Redway Power

At Redway Battery, we blend innovation with dependability to craft exceptional energy storage solutions. With a legacy spanning over ten years, we specialize in LiFePO4 batteries designed for a variety of applications. Let us show you how our pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to quality distinguish us in the industry.

Pioneering in Energy Storage Solutions

A Track Record of Excellence

Founded over a decade ago, Redway Battery has been at the forefront of LiFePO4 battery technology. Our path has been one of continuous innovation, backed by rigorous research, development, and production processes, all certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Customization to Perfection

Bespoke Solutions for Every Need

Recognizing the distinct needs of our clients, our skilled engineering team works in tandem with advanced manufacturing processes. From custom LiFePO4 batteries and modules to home energy storage systems (ESS), we ensure precision and efficiency in every delivery.

The Redway Edge: Quality, Safety, and Sustainability

The LiFePO4 Advantage

Our LiFePO4 batteries excel in energy storage with their stable iron phosphate cathodes, providing long-lasting performance even in extreme temperature conditions.

Quality Assurance: Our Top Priority

Quality is central to our operations. We use only the finest raw materials, employ cutting-edge manufacturing methods, and conduct thorough testing. Our batteries are capable of withstanding up to 10,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, setting new standards for reliability.

Safety Above All

Safety is non-negotiable. Our batteries come with integrated Battery Management Systems (BMS), safety venting mechanisms, and robust protective casing to ensure complete safety.

Driving a Sustainable Future: Our Commitment to the Environment

A Green Path to Energy Storage

In the face of global environmental concerns, sustainability is not just an option, but a necessity. Our batteries are fully recyclable, and we support them with extensive recycling initiatives, helping to create a more sustainable world.


Choose Redway Battery as your partner in the quest for a more sustainable and brighter future. Experience the innovation, quality, and customer focus that are redefining energy storage solutions.

Driving a Sustainable Future: Our Commitment to the Environment

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