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Understanding Deep Cycle Battery Terminology

Deep Cycle Battery Terminology. 12v 200ah lifepo4 rv battery lithium manufactturer factory

Deep cycle batteries are key in marine, solar, and electric vehicles. Knowing their terminology helps optimize their use and lifespan. We will cover important terms and concepts to make your decisions well-informed on selecting, maintaining, and using deep cycle batteries. Key Takeaways: Amp-hour ratings, cycle life, discharge rate, and battery sulfation are crucial for top […]

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery Essentials

valve regulated lead acid battery

A valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery is a powerful storage unit. It’s both reliable and long-lasting, needing no maintenance. Known also as sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, they stop gas and fluid leaks using a special valve system. These batteries work in many areas such as deep cycle and for backups. It’s key to […]

IP Ratings Explained: IP54, IP65, IP67 for Lithium Battery

IP54, IP65, IP67 for lithium battery. IP Ratings Explained: IP54, IP65, IP67 for Lithium Battery

When looking at lithium batteries, their toughness and ability to repel water are key considerations. IP ratings help with this. They show how well a battery can hold up against solids and liquids. So, knowing about IP ratings is important when picking a battery. Let’s dive into the meanings of IP54, IP65, and IP67 for […]