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Introducing the Dyson WashG1: A Revolutionary Wet Hard Floor Cleaner

The Dyson WashG1, Dyson’s first dedicated wet hard floor cleaner, has made its debut, promising unparalleled cleaning performance for all types of hard floors. Whether it’s tile, wood, or vinyl, this advanced machine is designed to provide an edge-to-edge cleaning experience that leaves floors spotless.

Unmatched Cleaning Power and Versatility

Innovative Hydration Modes

The Dyson WashG1 features three distinct hydration modes, allowing for optimal cleaning across various hard floor surfaces. These modes ensure that the right amount of water and cleaning solution is used for each type of floor, maximizing cleaning efficiency and protecting your surfaces.

  • Mode 1: Ideal for light cleaning on delicate surfaces like polished wood.
  • Mode 2: Perfect for regular maintenance on standard tile and vinyl floors.
  • Mode 3: Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, tackling stubborn dirt and grime with ease.

Additionally, within these modes, there are three sensitivity settings to further customize the cleaning intensity, ensuring that every floor type receives the perfect clean.

Cordless Convenience

The cordless design of the WashG1 allows for unrestricted movement, making it easy to clean large areas without being tethered to a power outlet. The 1-liter clean water reservoir supports up to 290 square meters of cleaning on the lowest hydration setting, providing ample coverage for extensive cleaning tasks.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Dual Microfiber Rollers

At the heart of the Dyson WashG1 are its two independently motor-powered microfiber rollers. These rollers span almost the entire width of the cleaning head and counter-rotate to agitate and lift dirt, stains, and debris from the floor. The rollers are designed to provide thorough cleaning in both forward and backward motions, ensuring no spot is missed.

Water is pulled through each roller at 26 different points, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage and efficient cleaning. The inner brushes on each roller help to separate hard debris, such as grit and small stones, from the dirty water, facilitating easier disposal.

Efficient Water Management

The WashG1 boasts a sophisticated water management system, featuring two separate water chambers:

  • Clean Water Reservoir: 1-liter capacity, ensuring long cleaning sessions without frequent refills.
  • Dirty Water Chamber: 0.8-liter capacity, efficiently collecting dirty water and debris for easy disposal.

Rigid extraction plates within the cleaning head remove excess water from the floor, ensuring that surfaces dry quickly and without streaks.

Self-Cleaning Feature

One of the standout features of the Dyson WashG1 is its self-cleaning purge mode. This mode allows for a hands-off internal clean, where the machine flushes out dirt and debris from the microfiber rollers and internal components. The deep-cleaning cycle, which lasts just 2 minutes and 27 seconds, utilizes the boost setting to flood each roller and clean the entire system thoroughly.

Battery Life and Charging

The Dyson WashG1 provides up to 35 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, which is sufficient for most cleaning tasks. When it’s time to recharge, the battery can be fully replenished in just four hours. This quick recharge time ensures that the WashG1 is always ready for the next cleaning session.


The Dyson WashG1 sets a new standard in wet hard floor cleaning, combining powerful performance, advanced features, and user-friendly design. Its innovative hydration modes, dual microfiber rollers, efficient water management system, and self-cleaning capabilities make it an indispensable tool for maintaining pristine floors. Although it comes with a premium price tag of £600, the investment is justified by its superior cleaning capabilities and the convenience it offers.

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